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Mudrooms offer an excellent transition between the outside world and your home. They create a backdrop for efficient, family-friendly storage. Let Showplace guide you through their mudroom cabinets, built-in drawers and cubbies.

Comfortable Grace

Open space and comfortable grace sum up this Showplace home located on a small-town golf course. The Pendleton doorstyle is used throughout, in both inset and standard overlay 

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versions, while crisp white paint alternates with rich peppercorn stain. Adjacent to the kitchen,
a functional mudroom uses Showplace
lockers in rustic hickory.
Door Style: Pendleton
Finish: Peppercorn

Creative Spaces

From floor plan, materials and decor, this architect's home reflects thought and creativity. Showplace Cabinetry's inherent flexibility was a perfect fit. Almost every room in the home has

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a Showplace creation in it. The mudroom pairs maple Harvest and Autumn stains for a lovely two-toned effect. A row of built-in drawers serves as the base of the bench, giving plenty of storage to this gorgeous mudroom.
Door Style: Pendleton W
Finish: Maple/Autumn Stain

Lakeside Masterpiece

Creative architecture, a one-of-a-kind lot with water on three sides, and inventive use of Showplace Cabinetry in multiple rooms all adds up to a stunning lakeside home unlike any

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other. Inset styles and Vintage finishes are the unifying themes throughout unique settings. The Summit Inset style in Vintage Oyster lends a nautical flavor to the mudroom, while rustic red oak adds a colorful counterpoint.
Door Style: Summit Inset
Finish: Vintage Oyster

Modern Geometric

There's fresh thinking and a bold spirit everywhere you look in this unique Showplace mudroom. The tone is modern and geometric, with a nod to tradition. The mudroom features

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neutral gray Dovetail paint on the cubbies and along the storage hooks, whereas Showplace White adorns the accent wall to keep everything light and bright.
Finish: Dovetail and Showplace White

Warm Welcome

Follow the narrow private drive to a hilltop overlooking a river valley rimmed with ancient oaks, and you'll find this welcoming home. Enter the home and you'll see

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Showplace Cabinetry in many rooms on both floors. The laundry sets a tone of warmth and welcome with its rich Greige paint. The smooth texture of the paint brings out the detail of the sleek, geometric Chesapeake door style.
Door style: Chesapeake
Finish: Showplace Paints - Mid Greige

Sportsman's Haven

This private lodge is a converted and expanded farmhouse. Showplace Cabinetry 
was used to create this handsome 
mud room. The interior design of the lodge mixes woods, paints, metals, 

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tile and soapstone tops for a lovely interplay of textures and tones. The understated Pendleton Inset door style was used throughout and the handcrafted Vintage finishes fit right in with the theme of rugged comfort.
Door Style: Pendleton Inset
Finish: Truffle/Ebony Glaze