Custom Cabinetry & Millwork



If built-in storage for the bedroom sounds like a great way to start your day, Showplace cabinetry is up to the challenge.

Creative Spaces

From floor plan, materials and decor, this architect's home reflects thought and creativity. Showplace Cabinetry's inherent

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flexibility was a perfect fit.
Door style: Pendleton W
Finish: Harvest

Entertaining Ideas

This custom Murphy Wall-Bed turns a home office into a guest room when needed.

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Several bed sizes and configurations are available, and your cabinetry choices are just about unlimited.
Door style: Chesapeake
Finish: Showplace Paints - White II


Witness a world of different environments, all with one thing in common: Showplace Cabinetry. Browse our gallery for

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beautiful examples of functional, comfortable spaces made possible by Showplace.